Saturday, June 14, 2014

Welcome To Rick's Interactive Art Blog

This will be an interactive art blog where you get to watch art projects develop and your input is used throughout the process as the paintings evolves.

This can also be a learning process.  I will be revealing my basic techniques of creating and painting a work of art.

Examples of my work can be seen here:

Here's the latest I just finished:

I may yet add something in the lower left.

My current project is nearly done and my next will be a painting of Stephen King, but not just King, a version of King done up as one of his characters,  but which one?  Which one of King's characters best fit him?
You tell me.  when I get enough ideas I'll choose one and take it step by step from start to finish.  All the while i'll be chatting here listening to ideas and suggestions as the work progresses.

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